About Us

After 25+ years of running various commercial work boats, I had a clear idea of what worked and didn’t work and conceived an idea for a push tug that would be more efficient and maneuverable than a full size tug, yet have more size and power than a truck-able tug.  The Katahdin is wider and deeper than the truck-able tug, throws twin 40 inch 4 bladed wheels, has 375hp engines for 750hp total, and displaces over 86,000 lbs. However, at just under 26 feet it is efficient, highly maneuverable, has a shallow draft, and may be operated by non-licensed personnel. Additionally, it was designed with crew comfort and ease of operation in mind. It has an elevated wheelhouse that is fully enclosed and heated. An outside walkway extends around the wheelhouse. It is equipped with a full electronics package. 

John Fitzgerald Marine Fabricators in Fairhaven, MA provided the basic hull design that would fulfill my requirementsand after deliberating for over 2 years we moved forward with construction. The hull was started in 2010 and completed in April of 2011. It is ideal for jobs requiring power, maneuverability, and a relatively shallow draft. It is capable of handling sizeable barges and scows.  

New England Coastal Towing is owned and managed by Cynthia and Gregory Bashaw. The Katahdin is available for bareboat charter or can be chartered with captain/crew. We offer competitive rates and the vessel can by delivered by water anywhere on the East Coast. Perfect for construction/dredging projects.

New England Coastal Towing
Office: 978-462-3386
Capt: 978-944-2710